Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You shouldn't be surprised

I don't even know what day of this dumb song challenge it is.   As I've already stated, my mood has been curiously strange lately, even by my own standards.   I'm not even interested in figuring out where it's coming from or what it's all about, I just plan on riding it out.  Sometimes it's just the best way.

I do wonder whatever possessed me to start writing this blog.    There is a voice in the back of my head telling me that no one really gives a shit about my rambling.   But that wasn't really the point of doing it in the first place, was it?  I've never been so egotistical to think that folks hang on my every word, and I'm used to not being the most fascinating and insightful person in the room…. well, that's not actually true.   I do tend to find myself surrounded by mundane people pretty often, but being the least boring out of that lot is really nothing to pat yourself on the back about.    But I digress.    The point I was making was that the reasons I had for starting to log my thoughts were purely selfish,  so whether others find it worthwhile should really not be of any concern.    I'll just continue to blab away even if no one is listening, that is one thing I've had lots of practice with in real life.   I'm totally in my comfort zone with this one.

So, back to the song thing.   Today I'm supposed to knock your socks off and blow your mind by posting a song no one would expect me to like.   That should technically be virtually impossible, because looking back on this whole thing, it should be glaringly apparent that I don't pigeonhole myself when it comes to what I will admit to listening to.   I'm not even going to try to wow anyone with this one, I just haven't got the energy.   You shouldn't be surprised at anything I put up at this point, really.     Today's selection will be my favorite George Michael song.    Man,  he used to write some great lyrics in his day.  If you haven't heard this one, sit down for a minute and listen to it.   I really love it.

  The video is sort of stupid, but just pay no mind to it.  The song is lovely.


  1. I would have expected you to like that song, actually. It was the one the other day - that awful stuff known as Hippo's Hop or rap or whatever it was - that I wouldn't have expected you to like.

    Not usually an admirer of George Michael's music. Though objectively speaking I think he's a good song writer. And this one, I like.

  2. Yes, it's a great song.

    At least I got a surprise in, even if it was on the wrong day. ;)