Friday, March 18, 2011

Eye Candy

Whew. It's finally Friday, I can't believe this week has taken such a toll on me.  I deserve a huge reward for having survived it.   I'm taking some liberties with this song challenge, for sure.    My assignment for today is to post my favorite video.   Gah, I don't have one…. not a fan of watching my music when I could be listening to it and doing other things.     So I obviously thought of the next best thing.  Post a video with a man that is easy on the eyes.   I can only giggle as I write this, seeing as how I'm well aware that my personal taste in aesthetics is not what you would call conventional.  Nope, no Brad Pitt for me.  You ladies can have him.

It took me a while to find a good video that didn't  make me roll my eyes, but that fit the 'total hunk' bill.   Let's see.   Beards are not strictly required, but certainly preferred.   Style is an absolute must (and style doesn't have to be flouncy, it just has to be a good look,  done well.)  Then the perfect solution came to me.    Take one of the best looking men on the planet, add go go dancers and a Clockwork Orange theme…. folks, you've got yourself a winner.   Behold, the chosen eye candy for the day.

Rob Zombie, you are beautiful.  I mean it.   You are my gift to myself this Friday.


  1. Fuck yes. Yumm. Eye candy, indeed. Rob is my fave ... I'd take his wife, Sheri Moon, too.

  2. You are a woman of stellar taste, my pretty. And I'm right there with you, I wouldn't throw Sheri Moon out of my bed either. They are a dynamic duo.