Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grudge holder? Check.

I've been up all night with a sick child and feel sad that Elizabeth Taylor died this morning. I'm also irritated that I have not found a way to clone myself yet. Not sure how I'm supposed to take care of a teenager with pneumonia, a kid with some crazy fever and be at work to put out fires at the same time. Throw in the fact that my work's softball team has its first practice tonight (I've been made catcher) and I'm just about to lose my marbles. The little amount of sleep I did get last night was riddled with visions of a softball flying at my face five hundred miles per hour and messing up my face. Whoo. What's life without a little bit of excitement and danger, eh? I reckon it will be an interesting day.   Now that  the rant of the day is out of my system, I will begin to try and make some sense.   

I've been told more than a couple of times in my life that I get under people's skin. This has been meant in both a positive and negative way, and it's been acknowledged as both. Whether they love me or just love to hate me, fact is that I've somehow crept into their head. Folks have been making up fantastic tales about me since I can remember, and though it used to upset me to no end, I now find it just a little funny to hear the newest story told. Seriously, if a third of the things people said about me were true, I'd be one interesting gal. I'm choosing to try and take these things as compliments nowadays, even though most are certainly not meant as such. After all, there's something to be said for inspiring so much of people's time and energy when there are so many other things in this world to focus on, right?

The point of my bringing this up today is because my song challenge is to post a song that describes me. I don't really like doing that, because I'm of the firm belief that learning how others see you is far more interesting and useful than how you see yourself. So while I'll cooperate and post a song, I'd like to open the challenge up to you guys. Who cares how I see myself ? What would be so much more fun is knowing what song you would choose to describe me. I probably won't get any public bites on this offer, but I'm flipping the challenge anyway. Go ahead, make my day.   Private messages do not count, people.     ;)

Back to my own song choice. I've chosen to focus on my most annoying traits. After all, once you hear these lyrics, how can you deny the appropriateness?

I bear more grudges
than lonely high court judges
When you sleep
I will creep into your thoughts
like a bad debt
that you can't pay
Take the easy way and give in
Yeah, and let me in.

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