Monday, March 21, 2011

Not guilty

I just woke up. This is strange and disturbing, as it's almost ten thirty in the morning. I never really sleep past six, but I've been feeling strange lately and I suppose I needed the sleep. The flip side is that now I'm experiencing some sort of sleep hangover. Coffee, please. I have stuff to do before work.

So let's get right down to it. Song challenge of the day is to post a song that's a guilty pleasure. Sorry, I don't feel guilty about anything that I like. What's the point? It just doesn't seem to make sense to me in any way. But I'll go ahead and pick this T.I. song, only because I never imagined myself actually listening to his music. I had a run in with the kid in 2004 and it was so funny that it never occurred to me that I'd be jamming out to one of his songs.

Obviously, he's an Atlanta rapper, like so many of them nowadays. I had a breezy job working the door at The Mark (for you old timers, it's the old Karma on Poplar St.). Not really my scene, but it was an easy gig that provided great extra cash a couple of times a week. Every once in a while someone would try to just walk in and bypass us at the door like they owned the place with no consideration for having us check the VIP list or paying to get it. I must have been having an annoying night with this shit, because when a young guy and his posse made their move in the door and walked right past me, I lost it. I'm pretty good at letting people know they need to back it up and start over, but once my mouth started running, the bouncer immediately looked like he was going to break a sweat and was trying everything short of slamming his hand over my mouth to shut me up fast.

Huh? I didn't get it at all. Turns out I embarrassed all of them. Didn't I know this was T.I.? Um, no. Who the hell is T.I.? He looked like fifty other kids I was watching walk in the door that had to pay their damn cover or at least tip the door!!!!!!! What can I say? I'm a rule follower and am not hip to every budding rapper in the city. Besides, according to fifty percent of the population, they were one of them. Long story short, I thought it was funny, others were mortified, he himself didn't seem to be bothered by it at all. Upon coming home and telling the story, my son and his friends were appalled at my behavior, because apparently I was the only person in the world unable to recognize him. Whatever. I have better things to do. Like collect money at the door. Damn, don't these people realize I'm old?

Anyhow, I eventually developed a true liking for many of his songs later down the road. He's my favorite rapper to work out to. It's a fact that I can shave a large amount of time off of running my mile when this particular song is playing on my iPod. So here we are, song of the day. T.I., I still think you should have tipped the door. You can talk jumpers off of buildings on Peachtree St. so that you look better for the judge when they try to throw you back in jail, but you can't throw a twenty in the jar?
Tsk, tsk.   It's ok, though.   I do forgive you, for once in my life I'm not holding a grudge.  

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