Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm only happy when it rains.

I'm lying, because I am happy on days that it's sunny, too.   I'm just extra special happy when it's raining, it lends to my nature of curling up in quiet dark corners with heavy blankets and books, daring anyone to interrupt my hermit style bliss.   Today's song challenge is to post a song that you play when you're sad.  For fucks sake, not this shit again.   I believe we already covered the typical 'happy/sad' crap at the beginning of this challenge.   I fail to see how the person that created this thing couldn't dream up some more interesting topics, but that's most people for you.  Boring.  

I was going to rebel and post…. yep, Garbage, due to the fact that it's raining and I'm feeling happy.  But I'd be doing it to stick it to the mystery creator of such a dull song challenge, so I'm not going to.  I'm working on having a positive attitude, remember?   Even if it means I must thrust myself into the depths of despair and find songs that make me want to throw myself into oncoming traffic.   Fine, this is what I get for being a rule follower today.

Of course, since I've not paid homage to The Cure yet this month, I'll go with them… plenty of miserable material to choose from.  I like this particular song because it doesn't play on the typical 'getting dumped and heartbroken by the love of your life' scenario.  Instead, he touches on how sucky it is to be the one that's fallen out of love, the one to knowingly hurt the other person only because you know in your heart that it's either their happiness or yours, it will not ever be both.   It's a valid perspective, and not often a sympathetic one because everyone knows there has to be a bad guy in a break up.  It's the rule.

I'm here to tell you it's just as painful, ending relationships doesn't necessarily mean you don't care.  Just because you're the one pulling the plug doesn't mean it's enjoyable, especially when the other party has done nothing to really warrant being left behind, the guilt alone is enough to pummel you into misery.   But that's  life.   Sometimes relationships crumble with no explosion to set things in motion,  it's just a systematic slow breakdown of happiness and fulfillment.   It's always the hardest when there is no one to blame,  when there is no rational reason for hanging on to anger , if only to kindly distract you from  the sheer grief of a dead partnership.    That's why people point fingers, throw accusations and try to understand why this happens.   Not many individuals have the capacity to accept that there doesn't always have to be a 'good reason' for things to fall apart, sometime there is no villain.

Thank you, anonymous song challenge creator.  You've put me in a right mood.    Anyhow, I love this song and do listen to it even when I'm not sad, but it tends to make me over think, so it's often shelved.  It goes out to all you heartbreakers out there.   I'm not mad at you, I get it.   I've worn the title, too.

As a famous Bill once said, 'To thine own self be true'.  It won't always make you popular, but it's always worth it.


  1. Love this blog. Absolutely sings to me, my sweet doppleganger.

    And that quote is one of my mottos. Screw anyone who doesn't "get it".

  2. I love it when you purr such sweet nothings into my ear, beautiful twin. ;)

  3. I do find such beauty in much of the Cure's music. It's hard to describe in words the effect their music can have on me - but, of course, you already know it yourself.

    I'm not quite getting why you think your perspective is so unpopular. It sounds about right to me.

  4. I do know what you're saying, I love their music and lyrics. Such brilliant wordsmiths, if only I could convey emotion and thought with such articulate grace and beauty.

    I think my perspective is right, too. I only call it unpopular because believe it or not, there are lots of folks that tend to take offense at many of my opinions, I'd imagine it's not PC enough or something. But you wouldn't see my thoughts that way, as you offend people without even trying, too. ;+)

  5. I do not want to offend people. It's just a plain and simple fact - reality offends people. They don't want their self-sufficient delusions deconstructed.

    The Cure's lyrics are nothing too special on their own. They're just compounded by the music, and Smith's melancholy voice. I think it's none more evident than in Pictures of You.