Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viking hats and sexy songs

This has been the year that I've been intent on doing new things. I've felt stagnant and unadventurous for the past few seasons, with no one to blame but myself. I've been acting like the quintessential granny, always layered in blankets and sweaters, peering over a book as I grumble about this, that or the other. Thus far, my amping up the volume on life has had mixed results. I'm already a gym fanatic and really do enjoy kickboxing and boot camps so much that my obvious means of adventure has been based on purely physical challenges… and I've learned a lot about myself. Doing the North Georgia Canopy Tours last summer was super fun and easy enough to break into trying out new things. I discovered I'm not that scared of heights. Good to know. Enter rock climbing…. what can I say? I'm a natural. Having never been much of an athlete in my younger years, it was great to find that my light weight and freakishly long limbs were a plus in this particular area.   Wonderful, all is good in the world.

Softball. What ever possessed me to join my work's softball team? I was asked because they desperately needed another female, and since I was on the path of not saying no to challenges, I accepted. I've only had one practice and not one official game yet, but I can already tell you that this is an epic fail of grand proportion. But whatever, I'll see it through and put another notch on my belt. My goal is now not to master the art of softball, but to not be a total Debbie Downer about sucking. It's hard to have fun when you have the sort of personality that is competitive and always striving to be the best.  This is me working on my positive outlook, at the expense of all the players on my team.   Heh.   

I have no real rational reason for signing up for Warrior Dash last night. I hate to run. In retrospect, I'm thinking that it was presented when I was still reeling from the stupid Spring Fling Dance I had to endure for The Kid (watching kids dance is one thing, watching their parents dance is something altogether different…. some things cannot ever be unseen.   Burned into my retinas forever, I tell you.)  There was also the stress of having to work all afternoon around those setting up for the dance, I could go on and on about potential contributing factors to my mindset.    Regardless, I did it and now will have a reason to not miss a gym date for the next five weeks. Truth be told, I did it all for the hat. And I like the idea of sliding around in the mud. If you're not familiar with the event, take a look.

Again, I'm totally off track with what I'm supposed to be writing about, the song challenge…. to post your 'sex song/romantic song'.    Gross.   How old are we?   I don't feel the mood coming on, start a fire, whip out my bearskin run and get out my 'sexy time' music compilation to set the scene for love.   But I get it.   There are certain songs that ooze sensuality, no doubt about it.    Since everyone knows that viking hats and muddy women are the epitome of sexy, I suppose I've set the tone for presenting one of my favorite tunes.   ;)
Seriously though, I couldn't think of a better song to encapsulate the essence of the challenge, ridiculous as the challenge may be.   I love Portishead, this album is one long piece of awesome broken up into different songs.   This particular song is about as romantic as it gets in my book.     

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