Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Should" doesn't matter

Song challenge of the day: A song that should have been a single.

I'm sick of saying and hearing "should".
"I should've gotten that job"
"He shouldn't have treated me that way."
"You shouldn't have said/done that to me".

It seems to come precariously close to "It's not fair". Today I'm going to count how many times that phrase comes out of my mouth without even realizing it. I'll have plenty of opportunity, given the plan for the day. I am lucky enough to have a best friend. She is my complete opposite in almost every way….. think 'German earth mother/hippie type with a positive and sunny disposition who has the never ending urge to help all people in need on the face of the earth'. Oh, and she's got four daughters, four animals and is the most laid back person on the planet about 95% of the time (it would take a massive amount of mind altering pills for me to get to this point if I were her, she just needs a spoonful of Nutella from time to time). We go together like oil and water and yet have the most solid friendship I've ever had, I love her like the sister I never had.  She is, quite simply, pretty awesome.  There aren't too many people genuinely like her on the planet.  As of yet, none of her qualities have rubbed off on me.

She also makes me do shit that I'd never do 'for fun'.  That's why I even bring her up. 

Today we're taking our children to the Yellow River Ranch, her idea. Last night a massive storm blew through town. Downed power lines, fallen trees, you get the gist. Today I will pound sugar free Red Bull,  dodge massive puddles, grumble under my breath, run from chickens and wrinkle my nose at the smell of wet animal. She will smile, push her stroller while exuding a calm air of peace and happiness, have a basket full of 'snacks' for the kids and take five million photographs of all of us as I yell at her to not get me in the shot. I'll pretend like I hate it all the time and secretly be glad she made me go, because I'm pretty sure my kid will love seeing the buffalo and I'll run directly to the goats.

"Should" will come out of my mouth a million times.
"I should've told you to fuck off when you brought this up, my sneakers are ruined."
"I'm going to get pecked to death by those animals, I should sue this ranch."
"We shouldn't have gotten on the highway, we'll be sitting here all day listening to the kids scream in the car."

She'll roll her eyes kindly and laugh at me, because this is probably the best way to tolerate my crap without slapping my face. Good thing she's too busy gathering her kids together to read this blog before our adventure, because maybe she'd get in on how many times I'll say 'should' and then I'll be totally fucked.

I'm not posting a song that should have been a single. It was a single and it ROCKS. Take that, song challenge.


  1. I love you so much, my best friend! Had a blast with you and the kids, and the cocks and the lesbian donkeys today! We always have so much fun, no matter what we do! Can't wait for our girls night out friday night!

  2. I love you, back. See you tomorrow. xox

  3. There's the moral "should" as well... as in "you shouldn't do that", or "do what you should". As much as I acknowledge the need for a common moral ground for people to be able to coexist, I also believe there is an even greater need for a common sense to let people do what they please if they're not hurting anyone else.

    I love the idea of counting the number of times I say "I should"... I'll try to eliminate them. Now, for instance. Instead of saying "I should work" (obviously followed by a "...but"), I'll just... do it. lol

    I love the way your posts make me actually think. It's a rare quality.

    Oh and congratulations on having such a great friend. That too is rare.

  4. Johanna, in an effort to keep my post light (after a serious one the day before) I did not touch upon the moral 'should', but it was in the forefront of my mind when I thought of the idea. Make no mistake, however, that it is the most reprehensible type in my book. I mirror your sentiment in every way regarding this.

  5. My high school guidance counselor had a sign on his wall that said "I will not 'should' myself today."

  6. That's awesome! While my 'should' revelation is not groundbreaking philosophy, it does make tons of sense. We all do it.