Monday, April 4, 2011

I Push Back

I'm a nice lady, I've always been a polite person.   There was a time when I can fully admit that my appearance and demeanor gave a far different impression.   I didn't realize it at the time, but I lived with a snarky defiant growl pasted on my face just daring someone to say something, anything.   Nowadays I handle life a bit differently, some would even call me charming when I want to be.    You know, the 'catch more bees with honey' shit.   It works, though.   It doesn't take more than a moment to smile at your neighbor  (except for the Mexicans across the street that STILL have their Xmas wreaths up in April, they can fuck off and die) or ask your bag boy how they are doing.    So long as someone is not a complete waste of space on the planet, I see no reason to not be friendly in day to day interaction.   I've gotten an all around better quality of life by behaving this way, but it doesn't mean I'm a sucker.  Thinking that is a mistake.

People push the limits on a daily basis, and the nicer you are the more they do it.   I handle conflict daily, which basically means I have to take whatever people are feeling ballsy enough to dish out.    I am the epitome of professional, but there is always a small part of me that wishes to be automatically transported out of my work environment and into the parking lot of the QT up the street.   Bet you five bucks that lots of folks wouldn't say the shit they do if they thought I could actually do anything about it.  

It's ok, though.  It's not just a work thing at all.  People underestimate me on a daily basis all over the place.   They see a small woman that is civil and friendly and don't think twice about trying to bulldoze all over her for whatever reason strikes their fancy.   But they don't know that I gladly push back.  I don't do it when you think I'm going to, you may walk away thinking you've gotten one over on me and pat your smug self on the back for whatever you've done and I'm fine with that.   What you don't realize is that I don't let go of things.  That hasn't changed in me at all.  The phrase 'You've got to sleep sometime' has left my mouth on more than one occasion over the years.  

Point is, I find it interesting that so many people ( ranging from intellectual powerhouses to very 'street smart')  aren't savvy enough to stop and think that they don't always know what the person they are fucking with could do.    I won't pull out a knife and slash your throat in my flowery dress and platform sandals.   After all, I've usually got a kid with me and setting such an example would be highly inappropriate.   I prefer to take the more civilized route with a smile on my face, waiting to hit you where it hurts after you've forgotten the incident.  Make no mistake, I can wait a long time.  Thing is,  I know I'm not the only one out there like that.   Careful who you fuck over, you may just end up regretting it, especially if it's me you think you're playing.   I'm just sayin'….

Song challenge:  Song that reminds you of party days.    Ok.  This reminds me of the days when I was a bit less refined in how I handled things,  but silly me didn't put any value on the element of surprise.   I'm sweeter, I smile more and I don't go into drunken tirades in public.  But I promise you that if you make my shit list, you'll wish you were fucking with the old me.  I used to bark, now I bite.

 I say the following words with a helpful spirit and in the cheeriest way possible as I scurry off to mop the floor and defrost some chicken for dinner:   LEX TALIONIS.   Look it up, then watch your back.

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