Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For you…..

This song is for my kindred spirit…. because I know that you, my dear, understand it.

Long live beautiful outlaws!


  1. Yes. It is impossible. Ultimately. Because none of us will ever have enough time.

    From the 3rd novella I have just completed:

    We are surrounded by failure. Everything comes and goes. Even the earth itself, and probably, in time, even our whole solar system. This is how delicate we really are. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, don’t let anyone ever tell you there is. There is finally only the looming spectre of death. It hangs over us from the moment we are born; the great starving vulture with wings spread, gliding in circles above us, waiting as we teeter on the edge of the final abyss.

    There are sensations in this world that I will never experience, no matter how long, wide and extensive my search. Landscapes I will never cross, seas I will never sail, perfect women’s bodies I will never caress. There are things that are beyond the limits of my psychology.

  2. Ms. Peril: It is perfect, isn't it? I love you, lady.

    u.v.: That was a wonderful, thanks for sharing. Obviously, you get what I'm trying to get across.